Women's Slouchy Tank in Blue

Women's Slouchy Tank in Blue

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Being a creative in this world can be a really tough and scary thing. You have a million ideas and a million dreams, mixed with a million doubts and a million fears - most of which, no one ever sees - and it's hard to know what will actually win out in the end. If any of those dreams will ever see the light of day. If they will ever make it out of your heart and into the world. Often times, they die on the vine, from lack of nourishment, or being too-long deferred - and that is truly one of life's biggest tragedies - both to witness and to feel.

But how much more brilliant - how much more joyful would the world be - if we all had the courage to REALLY try? To push past all the doubt and fear, and DO IT ANYWAY? And WHAT IF the next interaction you had with someone made all the difference in that person's world - if that was the last essential piece in helping them to get up, try again, and finally knock it out of the park? It was with these things in mind that I designed the "Chase The Dream" apparel line.

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