Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

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Stage Requirements:

1 - vocal mic / mic stand / XLR cable

1 - 0.25” instrument cable with direct input

1 - PA (1-2 mounted speakers w/powered mixer)

1 - stage monitor

1 - guitar stand

Access to electricity


Tania Watt is a singer/songwriter based in Lansing, MI.

She has been in Michigan since mid-2003, and active in the local music scene since late 2008. However, she has been singing and writing songs for most of her life.

Her music can best be described as heartfelt, lyrics-driven, insightful, and soulful, characterized by enchanting vocals, simple strums, and intricate finger-picking on the guitar and sometimes ukulele. Authentic and vulnerable to the core, her songs are both deeply personal and yet highly relatable, telling stories about life, love, and loss that are reminiscent of conversations with an old friend. Filled with silver linings and lessons learned, her songs are ultimately a life-long story of trials, perseverance, hope, healing, faith, and change.

Tania has recently played at the Pumpstock Festival of American Roots Music, on the Michigan State Capitol Steps for the Her Flag 2020 project, Windwalker Underground Gallery, Blue Owl Coffee, and Woldumar Nature Center. Tania has also appeared as a guest on LCC Radio 89.7 FM WLNZ’s “Live and Local” with Sarah Spohn and on the Mike Bass Podcast.

With a mellow and down-to-earth sound, she is also a great fit for house shows, listening rooms, arts events, coffee shops, wineries, and farmer’s markets.

Tania is also a lifelong environmental advocate. With a background in natural resource management, she has held careers in environmental outdoor education, biological restoration, and coordination of energy efficiency & renewable energy programs. Though she is now a full-time creative, balancing her time between music, photography, and as a creative small business owner since early 2017, she still enjoys supporting events and organizations with an environmental ethic.

Tania mostly plays as a solo artist but is occasionally backed by husband Jonathan Watt on fiddle, guitar, or upright bass.

Aside from pursuing her own music, she also supports other artists and cultivates community around the local music scene as the founder of the Lansing-Area Songwriter's Group and host of the Music Open Mic at Blue Owl Coffee in REO Town Lansing.

Contact info:

Website: www.taniawattmusic.com
Email: taniawattmusic@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/taniawattmusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/taniawattmusic
Phone: (517) 897-3900

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Live videos: